👆🏻Quick Italian Rules Explanation for Sailors
Italy is divided in different regions. Every regions or provinces are changing colours regularly, going from white to red. This situation is changing and is difficult to forecast which color we will be at the time  of the regatta.

Despite the colors, Sport Authority is giving the sailors a sort of “passepartout”. Here are the details:
• Travelling. Sport reasons, if connected to a National Level event, are compared to work travels and they are possible in yellow, orange and red zones.

• Covid Test. It depends on your country of origin. You might need to have a negative covid test performed in the last 48h before entering Italy. Please check with your Foreing Affair office or read (in italian) the Italian Foreign Affair reccomendations http://www.viaggiaresicuri.it/home

• Sport. Training and National Level Regattas are going on in yellow, orange and red zones.

• Accommodation. Hotels can be open in yellow, orange and red zones.

• Restaurant. The restaurants inside hotels can be opened for the hotel guests in yellow, orange and red zones.

• Regatta. We are following the same protocol of 2020 and therefore you won’t find physical notice board, registrations should be done online and gatherings should be reduced.

• Papers. It is useful to show a proof of participation to the regatta. If you let me know you are coming, I will send you an official invitation that you can show at the borders. Click the button below to fill the form and receive the official invitation.