IGM Candidates
IGM update and Candidates for the iQFOiL Executive Committee .... more
German iQFOiL Regatta
German Windsurfing Association runs first official iQFOiL regatta in Germany .... more
St Moritz Invitational
5 races completed (3 slalom and 2 course). .... more
AGM Forms
Lake Silvaplana
Latest info including iQFOiL equipment registration forms .... more
Ceri Williams
With great sadness, we announce the untimely passing away yesterday of our very special friend, Ceri Williams .... more
Flag Position
We have created diagrams and templates that you can download .... more
2020 Europeans Silvaplana
Class Rule Updates, Racing Formats, Equipment Charter & Rules
Read all the latest class and Euros 2020 information here
Clinic and demo events
Clinics and demo events have been announced for the 2020 season alongside the official iQFOiL championships and at special occasions for Senior/Youth/Junior sailors and coaches .... read more
2020 Europeans
2020 iQFOiL European Championships registration open REGISTER HERE
Lake Silvaplana, Switzerland from the 21-26 of August ...... REGISTER HERE or check out the event website
50+ registered for Worlds
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Board Underside
Distribution Delay and Youth Equipment
iQFoil Equipment Distribution - Unfortunately with the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak, production on all components produced in China - Foils, Sails & Rigs - have been frozen since beginning of February. We have invested in masks, quarantine scanners[more] and some others to protect our workers and we got the good news today that the IK Pacific Facility (Sails Factory) has been approved by government to reopen and resume work, hopefully by the end of the week.  We expect our delivery schedule to be delayed by around 3-4 weeks but will release updates as we receive them.

On a positive note 300 boards (hulls), twice our original forecast,  have been made ready to be shipped as expected at the end of February

Youth Equipment - A decision has been made to modify the specifications of the Youth Board, to meet the requirements of the French Federation Junior Program. 

We selected a board that was not only great for Juniors, but also taking off in lighter winds and having more control . 

The hull also is more efficient on a fin, while this shorter fin at 56 cm, improves safety further.

The board  was found better suited for the Youth program as well and has been tested by riders from 55 to 92 kg in 6 to 30 knots.

Members of the Junior program will now not need to invest into a new board when going from Junior to youth, thus we can keep more riders in the sport with this cost efficient offering.

Distribution of youth equipment will be delayed until the initial distribution of Olympic (senior) equipment has been actioned.

The new width of the youth board is 85cm, all the rest of the components have been kept untouched.

iQFOiL Product Guide

IWA and Starboard Group.
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iQFOiL Calendar Update . . .
To meet the big demand from foilers for information about events in 2020 the iQFOil class have published a calendar.[more]  The calendar will expand over the next weeks as further specific iQFOIL Class events are added.

We can announce that both an iQFOiL European and iQFOiL World Championships for 2020 are confirmed or about to be confirmed.  There are also many foiling events scheduled for 2020 that are open to iQFOiL racers. They include: 

- Formula Foil Championships, where Formula Class Rules apply, and all iQFOil equipment is class legal;

- Windfoil Open events, where flexible equipment rules apply and are published in an event Notice of Race;

- iQFOiL Open events, where iQFOiL equipment limitations apply, but allow multi brand participation.

A full Championship calendar (World and Continental) is planned for 2021.

For further information email – info@iqfoilclass.org
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iQFoil - The Olympics 2024 and Beyond
We are extremely proud and excited to share with all of you the news that the Starboard iQFoil has been selected as the 2024 Olympic Equipment, replacing the RS:X equipment after the 2020 Olympic Games. The iQFoil concept is the fruit of many years of windsurf foiling equipment development, but developing the equipment to running a successful Olympic Campaign are two very different stories.  The story of our iQFoil proposal has, above all, been one of great teamwork with a common goal of making the future of windsurfing more exciting and sustainable for the generations to come.
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iQFoil has been selected as the windsurfing equipment for the 2024 Olympic Games
iQFoil has been selected as the windsurfing equipment for the 2024 Olympic Games
Contact Details: info@iqfoilclass.org