The start of a new Era
Posted On:  07/06/2020
The Israeli Team had their first iQFOiL Race and they are looking really strong already.

A new era has started in the Israeli windsurfing history last weekend with the first iQFoil event that took place In Sdot Yam Sailing Club to launch the Israeli campaign to Paris 2024.

The riders were thrilled using the new gear. First day was tough with 20 knots wind , all riders used the foil. The second day was with light wind but the riders were sailing pretty fast on the foils completing total of 8 races in two days.

13 riders were racing in the men's division and 5 in the womens.

The young riders were showing great talent on the foil winning both mens and womens and leaving the Olympic team members behind.

Results Mens
1st - Roi Hilel, Sdot Yam Sailing Club, age 17
2nd - Yoav Cohen, Sdot Yam Sailing Club, age 21
3rd - Yoav Omer, Sdot Yam Sailing Club, age 21

Results Womens
1st - Daniela Peleg , Sdot Yam Sailing Club, age 15
2nd - Maya Morris , Sdot Yam Sailing Club , age 21
3rd - Naama Gazit . Haifa Sailing Club , age 21

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picture credits:
- Uri Magnus
and Moshe Menagen Photography
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